Recording Studio

Sound Quality matters, we choose AKG.

Boom Boom Room Studios was designed for artist who get inspired by simply living in the moment. BBR Studios is privately nested in St. John minutes from Lambert Airport. With experienced musical enthusiasts on the boards, making hit records will seem effortless.

Utilizing the highest quality microphones via AKG, BBR Studios presses the envelope of pristine audio quality. We chose the warm full sound compared to the more modern digital sound on commercial radio to capture the soul and emotion the music can evoke. 

For our guest we offer free WiFi for our guest, gaming consoles, a basketball hoop to shot a few, a fire pit and more. Boom Boom Room Studios, your next best choice.

Award Winning Ableton Live 9

Legend DJ Jazzy Jeff talks Ableton.

There are several options when choosing a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) when recording your music, most artist are familiar with Apple's Logic & Digi's Pro Tools. In some studios you might find Pro Tool as their host system. At the Boom Boom Room, Ableton Live is an Award Winning software that revolutionizes virtual music and audio recording by:

  • Built from the ground up for creative people.
  • All the tools to get a finished product quickly
  • Ableton sounds incredible. 

Mix & Master

Full Line of Izotope Products

Izotopes, award winning effects and software bring you excellent quality at the source of your audio recording. The industries best Mix and Master effects plugins in the industry have won countless awards and we are proud you use these same effects at BBR Studios.

Your single will never be the same because of multi-band dynamics and thoughtful coloring of your music for that Grammy nominated sound.

Focusrite Consoles

Continuing with award winning products Focusrite has revolutionize the Mic-Pre market place.  Focusrite has been sought after from legendary songwriters and performers because of its unique presence, which feels like an instant hit as soon as you hear the final mix.

Being able to delivery quality unrivaled music by the others, Boom Boom Room Studios is the only place to record, create, and produce music for the future.

Focusrite consoles used at Boom Boom Room Studios.