Chief RCG finishes The Scouting Report

Chief RCG finishes The Scouting Report

Chief RCG performs "tiLL i Die Remix" live in South Saint Louis.

Recording With Ableton

On any given evening you might be able to find Chief RCG, sitting in the engineers chair at Boom Boom Room Studios in St. John, MO. Roughly, 20 hours in the studio working on week finishing his debut Hip Hop mixtape by February 12th, The Scouting Report. Panning, tracking, and mixing are the duties that give Chief RCG that unique sound. Who knew getting ideas out so quickly would start with a brilliant DAW in Ableton Live.

"Ableton so easy", says Chief RCG. The Boom Boom Room being the setting. Chief RCG was riddled with options on where to record his future project, The Scouting Report. When he ended up at the Boom Boom Room. He nor his crew LLOD knew what to make of the program Ableton Live. But considering the luck they had been having in the past they decided to give recording miles away from the south side of St. Louis a try. 

Chief RCG and EJ with Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics

Setting The Standard

So now that the choice in where to record was complete, Chief RCG set out to be one of the best Hip Hop Artist to come from St. Louis. Paying close attention to the local scene and the pro and cons of the market. The goal became not to just produce music for the masses but to create change for the masses.

This change needed order and a sense of structure. Enter, Chief RCG witnessed other local artists create music videos at a time were he was instructed to not pat attention to the public and just concentrate on making music and perfecting his craft. This advice would cause friction between those wanting music and the advice that his new found mentor had been giving.

Being full of vigor and life Chief RCG would enter the 2015 Slumfest competition for area artists to showcase their abilities among their peers. This was the chance Chief RCG and LLOD would need to solidify their place in the Hip Hop rankings in St. Louis. Knowing the stage was his for the taking and reading the success stories from entertainment writer Kevin C. Johnson of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Chief RCG would record, "tiLL i Die Remix" exclusively for Slumfest. 

I can’t believe I lost
— Chief RCG

The momentum was beyond belief, everyone knew and loved this new song. has co-signed and all that was left was Slumfest. Giving the opportunity to perform his set, Chief RCG would ultimately LOSE his Slumfest match and be disqualified from moving forward. Chief RCG was not ready, young grasshopper. It was at this moment that the advice he had gotten from his mentor finally hit him. Back to the Boom Boom Room he would go to record the lead single, "WE".

Days Until Release

Back in South St. Louis, Chief RCG scrambles to pull the finishing touches on, THE SCOUTING REPORT. As well as, planning for the mixtape release party at The Stage, February 26th. The smoke is settling and the most anticipated mixtape release in 2016 sure has a lot of pressure behind it. Seeing how he instantly shot up the Reverbnation Hip Hop Charts, most people would crack under pressure but for Chief RCG, its just another day at the office. "The final track count might surprise some" says Chief RCG. "We wanted to treat it like an album" he proclaimed. Never-mind, this project was started on less than a year ago, the ride has been tough. The growth is ever obvious and the phone lines from New York keep ringing.

With a tour scheduled for later this year, a LLOD mixtape dropping in June, and a short film in production the work load wont get any easier for those in the Silver Back Camp. Now that the stage is set again for Chief RCG and Will they capture the momentum by the horns and bring home the victory? This time its only for a distribution deal that could land him and everyone involved the opportunity of a life time. Pressure... what pressure??? Well at least this time they cant lose.

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