Who is Chief RCG by The Z

Studio Life

Chief RCG lounging before work.  (Z.Bujnak)

Chief RCG lounging before work.  (Z.Bujnak)

Over the past seven months, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Chief RCG. His personality is what has drawn us to be friends. Chief RCG is a friend to everyone he meets. The dude is respectful, happy-go-lucky, driven and exceptionally intelligent. Quick to smile and laugh, he makes everyone around him feel good.

In the studio I've seen this personality translate into professional attitude. You'll see him come across as very nonchalant, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Always the first to want to record a new track, this kid never stops. He's driven. He doesn't allow setbacks to throw him off of his goal of making it big.

Chief, however, definitely listens to any advice he’s given, and without losing any of his uniqueness adapts the advice into his music.
— The Z

Defining Talent

When talking about elite artists their styles are as unique as they are. I see Chief as a true wordsmith. Even with the deep seated meaning in some lines, I can connect with them on a personal level. Personally his style has the lyrical development of Eminem, the intensity of Dr. Dre, and the depth of message like B.o.B. Then he combines them all with a razors precision.

Chief RCG plans for big things in 2018. (Z.Bujnak)

Chief RCG plans for big things in 2018. (Z.Bujnak)

Now I have been fortunate enough to listen in on recording sessions, and I can a-test to his growth as an artist. Each time you see him step up to the mic you'll see that he wants to be the best. I see him constantly improving his diction, clarity, and lyrical designs. My friend is always growing.

Part of his growth, that I've seen is his ability to adapt. All artists want to sound their best, but most won't listen to advice. Chief RCG, however, definitely listens to any advice he's given, and without losing any of his uniqueness adapts the advice into his music. His work within the studio helps him put out professional quality songs.

If Chief RCG continues growing the way he has, I believe that he'll not only make it, but excel in the music industry. I've watched the team he's built around him grow. He only pulls in the best people around with diverse background and skill sets. With his team he can only get better. I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we should expect monumental things from my friend Chief RCG.  



Chief RCG

LLOD General...

Follow Chief RCG on Facebook & Instagram. Here's a little sneak peek of a song just recorded by Chief RCG at BBR Studios in St. Louis, MO, called "Blast Off" featuring Peyote Ayahuasca. (Is this technically a leak?)