Single Release: WE by Chief RCG

Music, women, and a good time is what you would have found at my Halloween party. My team and I felt it was only right to host our first legit event on Halloween with a kinky costume theme. From kinky marijuana doctors to mermaids there was plenty of interesting sights. We also had a $100 cash prize for the kinkiest costume, now that's something you didn't wanna miss.

Our winner for the night actually won the contest with her dancing skills after my highly talented brother Jones boy demanded a dance off for the win. The name of the winner will stay confident upon request but overall she told me she had a great time.

Before the contest my team and I hit the stage for about 30 minutes and threw a Double L show. I was accompanied by a couple brothers of mine like artists LV, PORT, and recently mentioned Jones Boy. We went from "being who they wanna be" to ending the show with my MGK remix of "tiLL i die". Thanks to Precise films we should be publishing our recap of the night very soon, and would like to again thank all the people that came out to support LLOD.