Chris Mosley Jr. visits The Mixologist at Egg

Chris Mosley Jr. fights turkey Burger by @Iamthemixologist.

Chris Mosley Jr. fights turkey Burger by @Iamthemixologist.

Laughing is one of the best feelings in the world to experience. Every race and culture laughs, but finding a comedian who can make a diverse crowd laugh is much more difficult. I happen to know a comic who can stand up in any crowd and having everyone shaking with mirth. Chris Mosley Jr., aka Sillyman is that man

I met Chris at a bar and nightclub I worked at in downtown St. Louis. My first impression was what is this goofball doing here? A few minutes later I realized he was the goofball host for the karaoke nights at the bar. Over the next few months we became friends, and I was requested to work the bar for any of his events. Fast-Forward a few more months, Chris and I are moving to Phoenix to further our careers. As it stands I am the personal mixologist for him and his entourage as we look to open a place for our combined talents can grow.


Always ReFreshin'

Chris Mosley Jr. enjoys a classic.

Enough about how I know Chris, this article is about him. Chris has one of the most relate-able types of humor I've heard since Chris Rock and Katt Williams at their peaks. Thrown in some Robin Williams shenanigan-ary with Chris Tucker's energy and you get a basic picture of Sillyman. It doesn't matter what subject he talks about be it relationships, food, celebrities, kids its going to be hilarious and nothing's off limits. Even saying no subject will go unexplored he generally keeps everything family friendly.

I have high hopes for Chris in the years to come. This mostly stems from the ambitious nature I see in him. Since we met he's done numerous events all over the St. Louis area including Just Jokes and Laughs in the Lou. Or he's filming for Sillyman TV, segments of "I Think It, I Say It" while balancing shoots for a feature film with celebrity comedian Tom Green. This man does not stop moving forward. his spare time includes editing for his DVD special release in October, or networking on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I don't know about you, but being funny seems like a lot of work. I see Sillyman selling out shows across the country before long. He will be the next comedian who's jokes you and your friends repeat over and over until you can't breath.

The Mixologist, Mr. Anthony Stewart, enjoys another successful evening at Egg Restaurant.

The Mixologist, Mr. Anthony Stewart, enjoys another successful evening at Egg Restaurant.


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