3 Lynch Near Ferguson

3 Lynch Near Ferguson

Around noon in St. Louis, Missouri. 3 black teenagers where found hung miles from Ferguson in front of the Old Courthouse where slaves were sold. The killer/s are still at large. No local news has reported on this killing, due to the fact they have all concentrated their efforts to support a notorious vigilante Sheriff named Sir Darren Wilson. Ironically, this has become normal in our civilized society. "These niggers aint no good, aint never gonna be any good. So what do you do with a dog that's no good?" This is a statement coming from the local bed & breakfast owner across the street from the lynching. It's hard to imagine how it has come to this.

What the local reporters have been talking about is the tension between unruly slaves and the normal privileged white man. It seems that the privileged white is upset that slaves and former slaves now can work along side and live in the same neighborhoods as them. The slaves have been marching, praying, and protesting for quite some time. There seems to have been minimal progress in those efforts. People lost there lives in the struggle for equality, but it seems only the Rev. Al Sharptons of the world, have truly benefited from this movement. 

Authorities have told local privileged whites to armed themselves for a pending battle. Battle? Battle with who? Now we don't know if you have watched many war movies but when 1 group tells several groups to come to their aid. Its either:

  • They're scared as SHIT
  • Surprise attack
  • Mass Killing (Holocaust) 

It leads us to wonder why the Governor would pass such a law the seems to be hell bent on killing or arresting Negros. The Governor was quite angry to find out some Negros burned down Jed's Service Station in Ferguson. The Governor and Jed are good friends. So what must a Governor do to Negros who don't know there proper place with God? He calls in the Calvary to eliminate those he cannot. These cowardly acts have created an even bigger climate of destruction. One that seems only the Negro will feel.

As for the privileged white man, he will continue to be used just like the slave only he isn't aware of it. He will need the Negro, before the Negro needs him. We caught up with 1 of few privileged white men while on Canfield drive, this is what he had to say to some of the protesters...

I will fight every nigger here , bro
— Riley Cooper, WR, Philadepia Eagles

Just like Kleenex donated money to another vigilante Negro killer. The Saint Louis Elite have raise more than $500,000 in support for their loyal Sir Darren Wilson. However Darren Wilson has stated that after his successful initiation by way of killing a Negro. He will resign from his former position and enjoy his earnings from his last killing.

What the Negro must realize is that, "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD"

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Test Of Times

Test Of Times