Illuminati vs. Bugatti

Illuminati vs. Bugatti

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John F. Kennedy's secret society  Illuminati speech days before his assassination. 

We do things in our everyday lives that for most of us may seem routine, but for others it is more of the puppet master effect. So, which is it? Do we control how our day's work or is there SOMEONE else who has more influence than we realize? Is your favorite song truly your favorite song. What do you like to eat and drink? Are we really seeing the world clearly or do we just want to wake up in a new "Bugatti?" If so, why??? How are everyday people becoming overnight celebrities? How does the government get shut down? There has to be a logical answer to these questions right? 

Illuminati in Hip-Hop

Well, for some the belief is, there is an entity that is in control of the world as we know it. They believe in the "   Illuminati"  , which is said to be a private, secret organization that has lots of money, which in turn translates to unlimited power and influence. The Illuminati controls the mass media such as entertainment, news, and even fashion. So that brings us back to the original questions. What do you like and why? Do you envision your future in a new Bugatti? Yes, then you have been tricked by the Illuminati like the rest of us. It can't be that deep though, right, it's just good marketing. Marketing is the name of that game and hit a soft spot in our conscience of awareness. Ok, I can go for that, but what about mysterious murders and what the HELL is JFK talking about on April 27, 1961?

Not Bron Bron?!?!?

Conspiracy Theory?

On the matters of murders, how do you explain them. Normal? Coincidence? The one alarming thing is the glaring similarities. Either poison, car accident, or assassination. That's one hell of a coincidence! Pimp C, Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, JFK, MLK, Jon Lennon, Bernie Mac, Heath Ledger, and Jimi Hendrix. The list goes on but these prolific persons were at the height of their careers or doing something against the grain. 

So why would the Illuminati want them dead if they were making them money? Well, it seems to me they have enough money and us on the bottom are the only ones who put such a value on it in such a nature. There must be something that these people knew that the Illuminati did not want exposed. Fraud, lies, or corruption you choose. Whatever it is, we shall never hear it from them. Were these deaths merely just their time to go? People die everyday so do we really need to search for answers to their deaths?  



Finally, the overnight celebrity. Who was Kendrick Lamar before K-Dot? Who was little Jermaine Cole? Who was Curtis Jackson before 50? Who was Onika Tanya Maraj... ... ... RIGHT!!! So is it possible to actually wake up in a new Bugatti or does it only happen on TV. Going to Havard won't get you a Bugatti but having a hit song on the radio can. Trinidad James didn't even drop an album, neither did Drake but both secured multi-million dollar deals. How does this happen? 2 Chainz formerly Tity Boi couldn't get a hit record with DTP without a feature artist. Now he is featured on everybody songs. Are they just that good? 


What do you think? Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you feel about the whole situation. We see that this is an issue that many people are curious about, with that being said, what if it is true? What would you give to get a new Bugatti?

Willie Lynch 2014

Willie Lynch 2014