Just a Brotha Trying To Make It: Never Stop Fighting

Just a Brotha Trying To Make It: Never Stop Fighting

Since the time our people came to this country, we have had to always be EVER

Consistently seen as an issue or a problem, Constantly being told we are lesser than, Continually shown images on TV and press in the negative light of, "see told you THEY are animals", seemingly forever we have been the reason for anything & everything bad,in this country.

But we as a people have turned that word forever around. When talking about crime, education, and business ownership, we have improved our place in this country... Slowly.

Crime: We are Consistently shown images of black people committing crimes well the facts are in...

high school drop out rates

THE CRIME RATE IN OUR AREAS ARE AT ALL TIME LOWS!!!! So while any death is to many... the fact we are dropping our homicide rates shows the work we as a people are putting in.

Education: We are Constantly told our kids are failing/dropping out of school our education opportunities are limited..

Well the facts are in... We still lack some of the opportunities of some of our white friends but we have dropped our dropout rate TO ALL TIME LOWS!!!

only 8% of African American children dropped out of high school in 2010 compared to 7.4% of all children.
— U.S. Dept of Education

This continues a long downward trend once at 21.3% in 1972 and 13.1% in 2000."Per Black Demographics.com

Business Ownership: You have been told we need to start our own businesses,(and i agree we do starting our businesses are not the problem...getting our people to buy from us is!)

...and facts are in!! http://blackdemographics.com/economics/black-owned-businesses/

We have always had to be strong, Always!

So remember when you....

Ever think...Where, you think you can't take anymore?

Ever think ..."No way i can see another story of a black person being beaten or abused or killed by a cop or our own"?

Ever.... get to that point where you feel like you are ready to start swinging and you are ready to fight, but you don't know where to start or whom to fight?

Ever feel like..."How do i explain to my kids that their every breath/run/play could be there last... not from a medical issue or a accident, but from a person in a uniform being afraid of your kid simply because they "fit a description?"

Ever.... get so sad after seeing the news of Sandra Annette Bland?

Ever... feel the need to have to explain to people we share this country with that our lives are viewed with short worth by ourselves and by others?

Yeah I'am at that spot right now too, but you know what i'm not gonna do? 

Quit, because if i do...They win and i refuse to let it happen.... EVER!

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Mike Brown Funeral

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Sandra Bland Funeral

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Trayvon Martin Funeral

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Poor Lil Tink Tink

Poor Lil Tink Tink