Is Zeus Rebel Waters Stadium Worthy???

Is Zeus Rebel Waters Stadium Worthy???

inspired by true events
— Zeus Rebel Waters

With so much demand for new, just about, everything. New is good, new means we are evolving, new means progress. Sometimes with being spoiled consumers, we have to face the adverse reactions to what the music market has become. So naturally with all consumption there will be some recyclables needing to be rid of. Personally, the garbage has began to become over-bearing. As a result, I tend to shy away from local artist and most new main stream artist, due to product after product being sub-standard. Don't get me wrong, different strokes for different folks. I'm just saying, personally I need substance, I need a feel good atmosphere, and I can appreciate a little truth every now and then mixed with clever word play. Zeus Rebel Waters DELIVERS!!!

City Spud A&R Derrty Ent.

With a little help from follow St. Louis native, City Spud, "Pop, Pop, Pop..." sets a new standard for how quality music will be defined. When we asked ZRW, about his inspiration he offered this, "inspired by true events" when asked to elaborate ZRW replied, "like i was having a personality crisis".  He also reminded us that outside of his family being the reason and fire to his musical passion. He also believes in order and life experiences to help us become better as one.

As a result music flows out of your audio speakers of choice to the cadence of pop... pop... pop... For Zeus Rebel Waters, mission accomplished, another ear reached. Hopefully the NEW sound is of unique quality with a powerful presence. Hopefully, it will be a great night.