Von Doe reveals TRUTH in "I Understand" featuring Chief RCG

Gaining Clarity

I get it now but i still dont know why they hatin’ tho?
— Von Doe

After a period of reflection and a year of ups and downs, Von Doe, stares out the window to view the St. Louis skyline. He looks over to Chief RCG and proclaims... "I Understand"... with a focus and a desire to be the best in the industry, a furious fire was set ablaze. Von Doe, LLOD member and magical lyricist, aims to set the record straight about several LLOD related events. Make no mistake about it, if you can't see what PreciseFB.com and LLOD are doing... I Understand.

Listen to "I Understand" by Von Doe featuring Chief RCG:

Von Doe releases "I Understand" featuring Chief RCG

Von Doe releases "I Understand" featuring Chief RCG

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